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Columbia Civil Litigation Lawyer

Our office remains open, and in response to COVID-19 we have expanded our options for remote consultations and virtual meetings. Please contact our office to discuss what meeting option best fits your situation.

Lexington Personal Injury Attorney

Any litigation can involve significant investment of time and financial resources. Attorney Bryn C. Sarvis recognizes the high stakes that are involved when disputes must be resolved in court. She ensures that her clients are well-informed about all aspects of litigation, including overall strategy, the discovery process, and the potential benefits of considering mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Sarvis Law, LLC, serves client needs in a variety of civil litigation matters, including:

  • Personal injury claims (including medical malpractice and car accident lawsuits)
  • "Slip-and-fall" cases
  • Other negligence actions
  • Business disputes
  • Unfair trade practices
  • Unlawful debt collection

Ms. Sarvis will listen to her clients, establish their goals and expectations regarding litigation, and formulate the appropriate course of action. Ms. Sarvis offers all her clients practical and candid advice, letting them know exactly what they can expect during the course of litigation.

In her business litigation practice, she works with companies to identify the source of their dispute (for example, breach of contract, employment dispute or unfair trade practices) and to propose all possible alternatives for resolution. Whether the client wants an expeditious settlement or is open to full litigation, attorney Bryn C. Sarvis ensures that her clients know what to expect at all stages of representation.

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The first step in preparing a client's case for litigation is to speak with an experienced lawyer. Contact the firm's Gilbert, South Carolina, office by calling 803-386-0104. Sarvis Law, LLC, accepts major credit cards and offers free initial consultations at the attorney's discretion.


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