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Lexington, South Carolina, Employment Attorney

Our office remains open, and in response to COVID-19 we have expanded our options for remote consultations and virtual meetings. Please contact our office to discuss what meeting option best fits your situation.

Columbia Unemployment Lawyer

With a background in human resources administration, attorney Bryn C. Sarvis has unique and valuable experience working through employment-related disputes. Whether the client is an employee who believes he or she has suffered discrimination in the workplace or an employer who is seeking to enforce a noncompete agreement, she appreciates the need for timely resolution for all parties involved.

A client's experience with Sarvis Law, LLC, begins with the initial phone consultation. Ms. Sarvis guides her clients through the potential legal issues raised under the circumstances in question.

Sarvis Law, LLC, represents clients in employment-related actions that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Workplace discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Trade secret cases
  • Unemployment appeals
  • Severance agreement preparation and review
  • Teacher dismissal and discipline matters
  • Other public employee grievance actions

Ms. Sarvis also provides general advice and counsel to employers.

A Lawyer Who Knows What Clients Value

Attorney Bryn C. Sarvis knows that, in sensitive employment cases, clients value an attorney who is straightforward and lets them know what to expect. In many cases, a speedy resolution is the preferred course of action for both parties involved. In her experience working with employers and employees, Ms. Sarvis has developed an understanding of the different motivations that parties bring to an employment dispute, using the incentives of each party to resolve disagreements to her clients' advantage.

Contact Lexington, South Carolina, Employment Lawyer Bryn C. Sarvis

Employees and employers with questions regarding employment actions are encouraged to speak with an experienced attorney. Contact the Gilbert, South Carolina-based Sarvis Law, LLC, at 803-386-0104.


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